Less Talk, More Walk. That is the new course United Way of Northwest Michigan set in 2022 and the path we will continue to forge through 2023.

What our community needs from United Way of Northwest Michigan is different than it was a decade ago, and even different from what it needed just three years ago. At the start, United Way of Northwest Michigan set out to make sure that human service agencies had the funding needed to provide critical services for our region. Overtime, that has changed. While we will always continue to award grants to programs with impact in our region, we’ve adapted and expanded in important ways.

Our community has asked United Way of Northwest Michigan to do more than just talk about the problems but also to walk the walk and make a difference. That is why we are taking the bold steps to implement the solutions outlined in our 2022 Report to the Community. Alongside donors, volunteers, and advocates, we are tackling regional issues head-on, by taking chances and starting new programs, and revamping old systems with fresh ideas.

We are implementing real solutions with support from you – our donors, volunteers, and advocates. We are working to make our region better for all those in crisis and those seeking a better life. In 2023, we look forward to launching United We Smile, taking on the mental health crisis facing our region, and other bold steps.

Everyone in Northwest Lower Michigan deserves the chance to thrive and we hope you will join us through your time, your talent, and your donations to walk the walk alongside United Way of Northwest Michigan.

-Seth Johnson, Executive Director