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Yes! All the money stays in the region that receives the donation. That includes the Char-Em Region or the Northwest Region.

An unrestricted gift to the Community Fund supports programs and services in our 7-county region that focus on 3 areas: Education, Financial Stability and Health. These are the cornerstone of a strong community and United Way supports these three areas within our region.

We have regional Community Impact Teams that make all funding decisions for each region. The Community Impact Teams are comprised of donors and volunteers who know what the needs are in our community. These volunteers interview all grant applicants and work together to decide what programs are most beneficial to our communities.

United Way does due diligence when it comes to accounting for grant dollars. All agencies receiving funding must report back to United Way in the form of interim grant reports and must also provide information and stories regarding how funding has been used to support the funded programs. When the year has ended, United Way requests that all agencies complete a year-end impact report regarding their program. This report is required and funded programs must meet all requirements to be eligible for future grants.

A leadership gift is any annual gift of $500 or more.

Designations can also be made to any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, but we encourage you to keep your designation local! You are encouraged to provide the mailing address for your selected nonprofit to insure proper designation. A designation can be made as long as the gift is $60 or more. Every effort to properly assign your designation will be made. In the case that the organization is not IRS Compliant or the minimum donor threshold is not met, the donation will be assigned to the Community Impact Fund.

At United Way of Northwest Michigan, our donors and volunteers play a critical role in achieving our organizational mission. Donations to designated agencies and the Community Impact Fund are not disclosed to recipients. We never sell or share contact information. Leadership donors will be noted in our Annual Community Impact Report unless they advise their intention to remain anonymous. Web donations are secured by an accredited payment agent.

There are some United Way organizations that still use the Partner Agency model; our United Way does not. This model prevents agencies from fundraising, requires no annual evaluation for effectiveness, and discourages collaboration. We are pleased to use the Impact Model;  it is widely recognized as the best way to make a difference in our communities.  Agencies in the circles of community impact may change annually based on a review of programs and community needs. UW supports agencies that collaborate to make a difference in Health, Education and Basic Needs for people in crisis.  We find that when there is an incentive for agencies to work together, it is less competitive and more cooperative.  With finite resources, United Way is pleased to lead our community to encourage and expect efficiency and effective program alliances to impact meaningful change. Contact us to learn more!

To become involved in the efforts of your United Way, or to discover more information on becoming a Community Volunteer or Advocate, contact your local United Way at (231) 947-3200 or visit the Volunteer Page.

Your contribution, when combined with the gifts of others, makes a powerful impact in our community. A single gift through United Way will address many challenges in Northwest Michigan and help hundreds of thousands of lives.

Yes! If you are a Rotarian in the seven-county area, your gift is eligible to be matched by the Community Foundation Rotary Endowment. Learn more and download matching request forms at


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