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Our Volunteer Center is the community clearinghouse for volunteerism. We match up people willing to donate their time and talents with 219 non-profit organizations in our five-county area. These volunteers give thousands of hours valued at over $1.2 million.

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Time is the most precious resource and we dearly appreciate the work our volunteers do. For more information about volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Opportunity Form and contact Connor Miller at 231.947.3200 x 209


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Driving Violation? New Law Swaps Community Service for Cash

Have you or someone you know had the following driving violations? Instead of paying several hundred dollars in fines, you can now perform community service. For each violation, 10 hours of service will eliminate the following assessments:

No Proof of Insurance
No Insurance
Drove While License Not Valid or Improper License
Drove Without Proper License/Endorsement/Vehicle Group Designator
Drove While License Expired

The program will run from January 1 to December 31, 2015. About 168,000 Michigan drivers are eligible for community service to erase their qualifying Driver Responsibility Fee assessments.

More information is available by visiting michigan.gov/driverresponsibility or call the Department of Treasury, at 517-373-3223.

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